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The skinny person’s oblivion to fitness

Why is it that being ‘healthy’ is only considered to be salient to overweight and fat people whereas skinny people are naturally healthy just because they aren’t fat? Since when does being skinny/thin = being fit? Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, the long term goal should be ‘being healthy’ so that whatever you are, you are at the best of your health. It doesn’t matter if you are curvy, broad, thin, petite- what matters is that your body is healthy so that it takes care of you later, and for that, you have to take care of it right now.


A lot of people ask me if they really ‘need’ to exercise because they have a great body naturally, or, the cliché  :


  • “I eat chocolates all day long but I don’t gain weight.”
  • “I eat a lot, but don’t gain weight only.”
  • “I have a great body, so I don’t feel the need to exercise.”

(I really envy you btw)

I’m sure all of us have come across at least one person who fits in the above statements.

So you have a perfect body and you can eat what the hell you want to ,do you really need to workout then? -The answer is YES, you do!

Why? Because


  1. Your metabolic rate is high which is why you don’t gain weight. But, it won’t be high forever sweetie, and you gotta be fit to battle that.
  2. Excess sweets = diabetes
  3. Excess fat= heart diseases
  4. What you eat is what nourishes your body. In this case, you are eating junk often because nothing happens. Well, no nourishment takes place either. What about your hair,skin,nails,bones,and the well-being of your organs?
  5. What you eat now will eventually reflect in your body 🙂
  6. You have more chances of Osteopenia/Osteoporosis
  7. You are more prone to infertility

Are these enough reasons to break your bubble? You’ve been skinny your entire life which gives you the license to eat excessively (if you’re a big eater) and satisfy your junk and sweet tooth craving. But does it, really?

During late adulthood and old age, you have great chances of having numerous diseases , including obesity. Since our generation is anyway so reluctant towards maintaining good health and those with this body type take it for granted. What you eat now is what you will wear later.

So wear your trainers and take out at least half an hour 5 days a week and cut down on eating crap – you would thank yourself later 🙂


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Well first of all, I am really glad I stopped by. I have been seeing your posts on forever fit, and came by to see your posts here. I suffer from PCOD too, and as a result have put on crazy amount if weight! Nearly 20 kgs. Was never thin , but I’m now 70 odd. I started going regularly to the gym (5days a week) and came down to 69 from 75kgs in around 3months. My diet was normal , I basically cut excess sugar. (I had three weddings in my house though so I think the dancing compensated for all the food there!) Well,my query is that in after those 3months, I accidentally slipped at home and fractured my foot and haven’t really worked out since. I’m too scared of hurting my bone again so really would like to hear what you would suggest as a workout . I don’t think just walking would help. Also would you say the symptoms of pcos went down after you lost weight? I hear even 5%of weight loss helps in a big way!any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Hey there!
Sorry to hear about the fracture and yes walking alone won’t help (unless you are brisk waking).
I can totally understand how you are hesitant of hurting your bone again because even I have a ligament tear on both my knees and because of that I refrain from jogging or running. Ever since i started exercising i haven’t run on the treadmill at all, I just use the cross-trainer or do cycling . Also, i stop my workout if i feel even the slightest pain on my knee.
So what i would suggest is that start with yoga(?) Because it’s low impact and is great for your overall body. It can be a good start and after 2 months or so when you have enough stamina and strength you can start with gym. Gym can help you regain your muscle and help you lose weight without putting pressure on your foot. Just don’t jog or run.
Apart from that, don’t eat fried, junk, anything. In fact, go one month without any sugar (in tea, sweets, etc), that helped me a lot getting back in track and then you can slowly start it.
Your main aim should be being fit without injuring your foot.
About PCOD, main thing is that my periods became regular and this was just after i lost like 3 to 5kgs. After which i probably gained 10+ kgs during boards but never got it back.
I hope this helps. Best of luck!

How to prevent acne this summer

This post isn’t about food or fitness, but is a consequence of both.

As I went to my mother’s room to use sunscreen before heading out today evening, I discerned under the strong dressing-table light how my skin was actually glowing for a change. I’ve had severe acne in the past when I was thirteen or so and got it treated by a dermatologist. Even after that, I got it really often. The medicines just got my skin dry, hence I chose to stick to everything basic instead. Below, I am sharing a few things which I’ve been doing since last few months and has helped me extensively.

Water. I changed my bottle of water every two hours consciously. Like I just HAD to finish it in two hours. Cliché,  but works wonders.

Exercise. Sweat out those toxins, even if its just half an hour a day.

Food. I limited chocolates to once or twice a week instead of multiple times. I still had my cold coffee every evening, and mango every morning- so coffee and mango do not give you acne unless you have 5 mangoes and 7 cups of coffee. Remember from my previous posts- no food is bad, only proportions are. Just discontinue fried and junk – that’s what I stick to.

Washing your face. Do it every very time you come home from outside, and just morning-evening-night otherwise.

No face-wash overdose. You do not need face-wash every time you wash your face. Its a kind of soap after all. You just need it twice a day- morning and night. Or only night.

Make-up. I use make up fort-nightly or lesser (mainly because I’m very lazy to remove it). Its summers after all, so stick to light make up specially on your foundation. Also, always remove your make-up with a remover (I use baby oil) and then wash your face with a face-wash and then wipe it with a tissue to take off the smudged kajal and left over foundation. This way your make-up is completely off your face.

Exfoliate. Scrub your face once a week so that your black-heads can come out. One natural scrub I absolutely love is sugar. Just take some sugar and scrub your face with it like you otherwise do.

Sunscreen. Its not only used to keep you safe from getting tanned but to protect you from sun’s rays which can affect our skin in many ways and lead to unwanted problems! Also, you should use a sunscreen every time it isn’t dark, which means you should also use it in the evening when its cloudy and not sunny.


Lotus UV Screen Matte Gel Sunscreen :When you look for a sunscreen, always check if it protects you from UVA  UVB rays. This one is SPF 50, you should go for a minimum of SPF 20. I absolutely love this particular sunscreen because its not a ‘cream’, its a gell so it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky or melt down. Its extremely light and doesn’t make your face look oily too because its matte.

Himalaya Neem Face Pack : I use it once a week (if I remember, that is) and it helps a lot to take off my blackheads as well as cleans my skin thoroughly and helps in aiding acne.

Himalaya Neem Face Wash : I religiously stick to this particular face wash since a three years now. Whenever I’ve switched in the middle I’ve got a pimple popping up for sure. I also tried other brands’ neem face-washes but they made my skin terribly dry. So this one works wonders!

Lacto Calamine Cream : If your skin is oily or combination type like mine and you dread using moisturisers at night because you’ll wake up with oily skin- this one’s for you. It has a perfect balance and I use it every night before I sleep. I also put it on zits when I see one emerging, and this cream helps it to sink back.

Pond’s White Beauty Cream : I use it when I step out in the evenings because it has SPF 15 plus its really light on the skin, and doesn’t make it look oily. So it is a perfect evening cream-cum-sunscreen.

The above mentioned products are inexpensive and are easily available. I also use a toner which is usually any brand’s cucumber or rose water. I once read on a random website that Benzoyl Peroxide helps and used it for two weeks, and then my doctor told me that it’s a kind of steroid and shouldn’t be used unless it’s absolutely necessary. So please I believe visit your doctor if you wish to use it.

Every night, I use the popular technique of Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing which is washing my face with a face-wash followed by using a toner and then applying Lacto Calamine before I sleep.

If you have severe acne problems I recommend that you must see a dermatologist before it gets worse. I’ve seen people with terrible acne which would’ve been impossible to cure except those meds which help in dealing with the root cause of it like hormonal imbalances, unhealthy diets, etc.  Lastly, we all get it, and it’s a part of life so don’t stress out! (Note : Stress causes hormonal imbalances too, hence acne 😛 )

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Question- What will happen if I exercise and don’t diet?


Hey there! Firstly, I don’t know if you’ve heard this before, but being fit is about 30% exercise and 70% diet. I don’t know if you are asking me this because you want to lose weight or gain muscle or stay the same, but if you are exercising you probably wish to be fitter than what you are today. Anyone can exercise for 1 hour, but what matters is what you do the next 23 hours– those 23 hours define you. What you eat is extremely important, you cannot workout and drink a can of coke which is 30g of sugar in 300ml, because how are you growing in your journey to become fit then?

Secondly, your ‘diet’ has to be a lifestyle, not what you stick to for 3 months and then get back to where you were. Diet doesn’t mean restricting yourself, it means nourishing yourself for the best.

So yes, exercising and not following a healthy diet isn’t too good. Hope that helped!

Source : Google

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Spicy Secret

As Indians, the foundation of our cuisine (literally) is daal and curry. And to make these delicacies, the fine art of measuring the perfect amount of spices by pinches  is used until the intuition agrees. This intuition is our recipe – which doesn’t tell us how many ‘cups’ or ‘teaspoons’ are needed but we simply follow our heart to pour, sprinkle, and garnish till we feel its correct (don’t take my poetic tone and touch chili powder with your fingers though).

When I was struggling with ‘what to eat’ to lose that tummy and thought that eating salads and heavy protein exotic meals is the only way out (and out of my pocket money too), that is when I researched and found out how our simple home-made food is derived from a thousand years ago when India was the hub of Ayurveda and other kinds of medicinal healing. This natural healing actually used our spices, and till day we add them to our food and are unaware of their benefits!

Source : Google

When you make daal or sabzi (lentils or vegetables in Indian style), you add turmeric, pepper, cloves, cardamom, cumin, bay leaf, and so many other spices- if not all, then most of them, and many more in fact. Some of these spices are :

  • Turmeric– anti-inflammatory, helps in aiding jaundice, menstrual cramps, toothache
  • Pepper– great source of manganese, vitamin K
  • Cloves– improves digestion, anti-inflammatory
  • Cardamom– nausea, acidity, bloating, constipation
  • Cumin– piles, asthma, common cold, bronchitis, anemia, boils
  • Chili powder– Vitamin A & C, natural pain killer (releases endorphins), increases metabolism
  • Hing– soothes headaches, aids toothache and headache, treats stomach problems

Other ingredients commonly used to make curry-

  • Onion– regulates blood sugar, anti-inflammatory
  • Tomato-vitamin C, B6, E &K, potassium, manganese, phosphorous
  • Ginger– relieves nausea, motion sickness, sore throat, cough
  • Garlic – common cold, lowers risk of heart diseases, vitamin B6 and C

These are a few ingredients we cook with every single day, I hope that makes you realize how even the simple curry we make is packed with a plethora of overall health benefits. Moreover, Indian food is packed with fibre (foods which fill you). Take everyone’s favourite rajma-chawal for instance?  One meal of rajma-chawal and you can’t eat for the next few hours! So quit cursing rice for carbs here, because this amalgamation of nutrients is what helps you fill up. Filling up = staying full for long= not eating crap to satisfy your boredom= losing weight (I know you won’t be convinced until I use those two words). Phew!

So before you plan to replace your yummy Indian meal with salad, know how the fine art of intuition is not only filling in your stomach but assisting every part of body in some way or another. 

Chocolate Cake

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Question of the Week

It hasn’t been a week, in fact its only been 24 hours since I started this blog. Nevertheless, every weekend I would be answering someone’s query. So here we have the first one-

of girls in India have PCOD-PCOS

Hey there!

Congratulations on losing so much weight! My workout (from June 2014- April 2016) was 20-25min cardio + 40min weight training + 20min abs/sides. Now I am doing Insanity Max 30 which is 30min super high-intensity training and gets me way more tired than gym. I would be putting up a review on it once I finish the 8 week program. On YouTube, I really like XHIT and Fitness Blender, even Blogilates is okay.

So about PCOD/PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disorder/Syndrome), the advantage to someone overweight is that we can get over it – like I don’t have it any more since I started losing weight. So in simple words what really happens with PCOD/PCOS is that there are tiny cysts which are formed outside the ovaries. What makes it worse is your abdominal fat which starts suffocating the ovaries, hence making the condition worse. Moreover, male hormones are produced hence you see more hair growth (especially facial hair) as well.

Hence, this is a hormonal imbalance in your body. Also, my doctor told me that it happens to more girls today because of stress, lack of physical activity and junk food. You’re on the right track of eating healthy, but make sure you don’t stress out about things as stress can delay a period as well as increase the duration! If you want to change your lifestyle a little more, you can change your workout- from home workouts to crossfit to sports, whatever you like.

About stretch marks, I have them but they’re really light and can’t really be seen. Don’t worry about them, embrace it, it’s the proof of your fight 🙂

I hope I helped you. A detailed PCOD/PCOS post is in the list and will be up soon since its a huge issue! Thank you so much for writing to me. For everyone else, go to the ‘Contact’ tab to ask me questions and I shall answer it in next QOTW.