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Hey guys! I have exams starting tomorrow (end semesters)  and I’ll be super worked up, so I wont be updating my blog until October 9th,2016. 

Until then, stay tuned to my instagram which I update every now and then (social media addiction) and you can send me a DM on instagram if needed.

Also, read my previous posts for most of the information you’re probably looking for, and some added knowledge obviously 😛 Add your information in comments to enlighten me too. 

I’ll try to study hard and be right back! Don’t forget to be happy 24*7,don’t miss out on your work outs and eat junk like I am right now. (Fun fact : fitness bloggers are humans too!)

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Ambroto Foods (and a discount for you!)

If you’ve been tuned to my previous posts, you probably know how much I preach about a healthy lifestyle and natural foods. How much I try to tell you all to eat as natural food as you can and avoid processed foods to the highest extent.

After lots of searching I landed up on the Instagram page of Ambroto foods. Below I’ll manage a couple of snacks I tried .

Also, all the snacks are :

  • vegan and gluten free
  • no added sugar
  • no preservatives




Honey Roasted Cinnamon Chickpeas


They are rich in protein and are extremely filling. Makes it a perfect mid-day snacks or a snacks while evening drinks 🙂 You can buy it here.


WhatsApp Image 2016-09-19 at 8.50.31 PM.jpeg

Dark Chocolate Sweet Potato Chips

My absolute favorite since I looove chocolates! I have to restrict my chocolate intake and usually stick to dark chocolates, and I don’t taste chips for weeks and sometimes months. So this is a perfect combination for me. Now you can finally eat chips and be guilt-free. Moreover, they are baked! You can buy it here.


Natural Energy Bar

This bar contains almonds, raisons, chia seeds, dates, cinnamon and oats. What I particularly liked about this bar was how fresh it tasted! Its extremely soft and tastes like its home-made. It is not extremely sugary and is quite filling. I think this one was my favorite..  You can buy it here.


Cranberry Almond Seed Trail Mix

This consists of almonds, raisins, dried cranberry, oliver oil, and seeds from pumpkin, chia, cucumber, melon, sunflower (whoa!). Oh, and a tinge of salt too. Its good to add to cereal, oats, fruits, or just eat a spoonful and thats a whole lot of nutrition intake. You can buy them here.

Oh oh oh, and since I mentioned in the title about the DISCOUNT : Use Promo Code AKA15 while checking out to avail a 15% discount!


You can learn more about Ambroto at :

Twitter: @ambroto_health


-Hello Niharika,Well my question is if i go for a normal diet with keeping in mind that i have to consume less fats and carbs as less as possible and along with that i dont have time for gym and running.In this case can I loose some wei (1).png

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Water for Acne and Weight-loss

During summer break, I actually increased my water intake because I wanted to get rid of my acne. I increased my water intake to some 3 litres or more a day. Whats weird is, its become a habit. I feel thirsty really often and when I wake up in the morning, within first 3 hours I already consume 1.8 litres of water (as I also consume water during exercise). During the day, I easily have more than another litre which amounts to 3-4litres of water a day.

I was unwell 10 days ago and with a sore throat you know how hard it is to even sip water, for 4 days I barely drank water and pop-pop popped up zits on my face. I panicked because I had to leave for a holiday in a few days and when I recovered from being sick, for 2 days I had as much water as I could- and guess who went on a holiday with clean and clear skin? Image result for water and health

Apart from this, I have a lot of water before my meals as it suppresses hunger. In fact, even in the evenings when I feel hungry within an hour of eating, I just have water because sometime you tend to feel hungry but your body actually just needs water! This is one of the reason why we go munching so often because we confuse our need of water with food. I would say that always keep a bottle of water filled next to you and keep sipping as much water a you can and you would see the difference for yourself.

Another thing I religiously follow is having green tea or water as soon as I wake up. I read this long back and drinking water as soon as you wake up has therapeutic benefits and helps in the cleaning your internal system. It acts as a great purifier.

So yes, drink more and more water and drink water when you get hunger cravings. Drink water whenever you can wherever you can. Whats the good thing? Its free and always available! So make use of it and see the changes for yourself 🙂

Image result for water and health


Image source : Google

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Welcome to the tribe.png

Hi Sulakshana! Thank you for writing to me.

I feel what you need to work on to get results is consistency. Yes, I get it that you want to get rid of that fat but even when it comes to working out you cannot just workout once in a while and expect good results. You have to workout out at least 5 times a week and preferably 6 times.

I won’t recommend Ketogenic diet as I have never tried it myself and I am against short term diets, but yes increase your protein intake and reduce your carbs. Do not completely stop consuming carbs as carbs are essential too.  If you want to take an extreme step then completely cut off junk and sugar (juices, mocktails, sweets) and that should be sufficient. Do it for 1-3 months, this way at least you would not deprive yourself from important nutrients.

It is important to eat food , you aren’t supposed to cut it down you’re just supposed to eat healthy food. You do not need a diet plan, you need to eat what is made at home or similar to that except that it shouldn’t be fried. Don’t forget to add protein-rich food wherever you can (e.g. curd with meals, a bowl of chana (chickpeas) as snack, etc).

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To everyone who asks me for a diet plan

Warning : This post may be considered as a rant.

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-07 at 8.43.33 PM.jpeg

It has been exactly 3 months and 1 day since I started this blog. The entire objective is to create more awareness about the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle- explaining how easy it really is and how you can take little steps to incorporate it into your lifestyle. I also answer questions weekly and reply to questions in the comments section as soon as I can. However, I have so many people asking me almost every single day to create a diet chart! 

If you have read my previous post (they are all lined up in the right side to save the effort of scrolling), you would know that I am strictly against diets. In fact, my very first post is about why I don’t believe in ‘dieting’. My other posts, are about how you can lose weight and get fit without dieting. What is dieting? A chart which tells you what to eat? The only time I guess you have to follow this chart is when you have a serious medical condition and the doctor gives it to you. I have seen people following diets in hospital, and that is because eliminating and including certain foods is extremely necessary in some conditions. However, if you are healthy (and even overweight) and have no serious medical condition, what do you need a diet for?


I do not hold a certification in anything related to nutrition or even fitness for that matter. What I know and write, is through implying research on myself and talking about the results of my experience. So you all asking me for a diet means asking an amateur to make a random chart and you will consume food according to that everyday? Who am I to tell you what to eat? For that matter, who is anyone to tell you what to eat and when to eat? What if your diet says you have to eat at 6am when you wake up at 8am? You will blindly follow it? You will aimlessly follow a chart because you so desperately want the numbers on your weighing scale to reduce?

Well I am sorry because-  do not lose weight if you hate your body, do it because you love it and respect it.  Love your body enough to not put it through torture. This is exactly what is misinterpreted when people try to be fit. In fact, some do not even start because they are so afraid of not eating what makes them happy! I just ate brownies today afternoon, and no, I would not gain weight. This is the result of being healthy not not following a 3 month diet plan. I have lose more than 20kgs without dieting even for a day! And today I can go eat a pizza if I want to without the fear of gaining weight, because I know I have built a strong foundation for myself and  did not take a temporary path which makes me lose weight as long as I am following it and gain when I stop.


Being healthy is a lifestyle guys, stop overcomplicating it and then stress eating because you feel hopeless, because you overcomplicate it ! This is the motive of my blog- to make people realise how easy it is to lose weight and be healthy. Please quit asking me to make you a diet chart and visit a nutritionist if you so desperately need one.

Stay tuned to my posts (every Wednesday and Sunday) and you would know how easy it is to be super healthy and lose those kilos.