Frequently Asked Weird Questions

There are a lot of questions in my QOTW list which are yet to be answered and haven’t been answered yet, a lot of them because similar questions have been covered or have been included in a blog post. Moreover, some of them are just so, so out of space that  I cannot answer them.

So today, I’d like to straight away answer some Frequently Asked Weird Questions :

I am X kgs Y years old. Need to lose at least 10kgs for my wedding which is in a month.please tell what to do.

Please spend more time with a stylist working on clothes which don’t put attention on your heavier parts.

I am X kgs need to lose 20 kgs. Please give a diet and workout plan. *Ordering tone*

I can’t. I am not a certified gym trainer nor have I professionally learnt anything about nutrition. I could tell you all the wrong things and you might end up with a serious injury (I’m just kidding because I wont tell anything at the first place lol). I write out of research and books and experience, mainly. Thank you for ordering though *rolls eyes*.

I have PCOD/ Heart problem/ Hypothyroid. Help me lose weight.

OMG VISIT A DOCTOR. I will get sued for misguiding you guys! Please visit your doctor and take his guidance on losing weight and save me from being behind the bars.

Need to lose weight fast. Please help!!

If you didn’t gain it fast, you won’t lose it fast either. Change your attitude towards losing weight. Stop rushing for the results, embrace the beautiful process of your transformation!

I have no time to workout, please tell me how to lose weight.

If you don’t have time, its not that important to you because we all make time for important things, even if its just 15-20 minutes a day. Something is better than nothing.

Liked your Instagram/Quora. “Can you friendship with me?”


On a different note, I shall do a non-sarcastic FAQ next week or sometime! 🙂 An update about my workout routine, I had to discontinue T25 because I strained my knee and I will be joining the gym for 20 days (gymming after 9 months!!) to strengthen my knee and do cardio which doesn’t strain my knee because almost all body-weight exercises pressurise knees. I am so lazy to go to the gym but agh, lets just hope in a month’s time my knee gets perfectly fine and can take high intensity workouts again!

Oh, and I apologise (again) for not answering for QOTW. Too many assignments. I’m so sorry if your question has been unanswered for too long, just leave it in the comments section for a fast response instead!




Staying fit during an injury

I chose to write this today because I myself am injured and it feels pathetic to not workout. It isn’t a serious injury of course, just a little strain on the knee due to over exertion but because of my ligament tear I need to be extremely careful and cannot start hopping and squatting before at least a week.

The current workout I am doing is called T25 (will do a review once I complete it). There is an extremely hard workout it in called ‘Total Body Circuit’ which absolutely drains you out. I did it on Monday and I tried to give in my total best by defying my limits and pushing myself- except that I over did it 😦 After a while, I started experiencing a terrible knee pain specially while climbing the stairs.

The thing about an injured knee is, you just CANNOT do without you knee. You need it in every step (literally lol). So what did I do? Rested as much as I could. I have been a potato on bed for two days, I did walk around a little obviously because you cannot completely immobilise it. I skipped my workout on Tuesday. Never strain yourself during an injury, you’ll just make it worse. For a lot of fitness freaks out there, it’s OKAY to skip your workout(s) when you are not well. And today, on Wednesday, I just did 15 minutes abs exercises followed by some stretching.

My knee feels much better now but I won’t start working out with my normal routine until Monday. This entire week will be light exercises on mat followed by stretching.

My message here to you all is, please rest during an injury. Remember how I keep talking about losing weight because you love your body and not hate it? Yes, exactly that. You have to take care of your body when it cannot take stress. Let your body recover.

Now, about working out because duh it feels terrible to not workout (as much as I love rest days because I can be my laziest possible self), while resting comes first, you can slowly start light exercises. By light I mean something which absolutely does not affect the injured part, while is like 15-25 minutes long, and very light intensity. This way you are giving yourself enough rest and exercising just enough.

So please please don’t try to be Iron Man and show how strong you are working out when you’re not supposed. Respect the body which is making it’s millions of cells work 24*7 to heal you, the least you can do it help it heal 🙂 🙂

Consult your doctor before anything at all because we all have different conditions.

The Chewing Game

A very very recent thing I’ve come up with- chewing.

I know what you’re thinking, we all chew , right? Like since we were little kids we learnt how to chew and it’s a part of our daily life so we have never paid attention to it. Read the last eight words of the previous sentence now. Yes, that’s the issue- we have never paid attention to it.

I have a really skinny friend who eats so so slowly and has a tremendously great metabolism. Whenever we go out, I am done with my meal and that person hasn’t even finished half of it and usually ends up getting full without finishing the entire portion. He told me, ‘Chew your food mindfully, Niharika. And you’ll see the difference for yourself.”

Also, haven’t we read it so often? About chewing and how absolutely necessary it is.

So I did what I was told to do. It’s only been about two weeks. I chew, slowly and mindfully. I chew till the food becomes as thin as water. I won’t deny the fact that it is really boring sometimes. Oh, and sometimes I also ‘forget to chew’. But I’ve been trying it as much as I can and it’s extremely helpful. The results?  I get full so early! I do spend about 20 minutes or so eating slowly but I get full with a smaller portion of food and I get to relish it properly.

When we swallow food, our digestive system tries to breakdown the food. When we chew, we have already done half it’s job to break down the food and our body absorbs the nutrients from it. When you swallow chunks, you’re stressing your body a lot more to breakdown food and some food would not even get broken, and now you know how are you getting fat, makes sense? Oh, and when you eat mindlessly, you obviously eat more than required. Extra calories and kilos here too. Do the bells ring now?


Source : Google

Try it and tell me how it’s working out for you. It will surely help you drop some kilos before you even realise! 🙂

Also, sorry for not answering a question last Sunday. No excuses, I was just lazy :/ I promise to answer this weekend!

Review : 21 Day Fix Extreme

Hi guys!

So remember I did a blog post on a workout I did previously called Insanity Max 30? (Click here to read it).

So these holidays I did a different workout under the same company (Beachbody). It is called the 21 Day Fix Extreme and you can read about it on its official website here.

So, why did I choose this workout?

Okay, so this was when I went home I hadn’t worked out since 2 months due to exams. I was at home for roughly three weeks and really wanted to get quick results. Yes I know I talk about patience but after not working out for so long and gaining weight, I just wanted to lose weight fast. Not only that, I wanted to enhance my muscles.

About the workout

Okay, this is exciting

  • Its only for 21 days
  • Its only 30 minutes 6 times a week! (7 times if you include the Yoga day on Sunday)

Amazing, right? The equipment you need is resistance band, light weights, and heavy weights. I was lifting weights after 8 months (since my daily strength exercises are based on body-weight training) so I only used 3kg dumbbells and a resistance band. 

The workout was intense in the right way. I underestimated it because Insanity Max 30 is so tiring from the first 5 minutes itself, but I realised its intensity when I woke up sore. And thereafter I woke up sore every morning.

Another thing about this workout is that it is highly intense but not High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). So you have a lot of time to focus on every movement and feel every bit of your muscle burning. It made me feel beautiful. Thats the best word for it. Everyday, I looked forward to working out because I enjoyed it so much.


I lost 2 kgs in one week. My quads, shoulders and arms looked way better. My core, which is my problematic part, also settled in. Yes, I was shocked as well since I have never got such fast results from any workout.

What I did not like

There are a lot of exercises a person with a ligament tear on the knee cannot perform. The modifier given (a modifier is a person doing the same exercise in a simpler way) was almost similar to the actual exercise with all the jumps I could not do. 


Overall, I’d say go for it! It’s the perfect time because the festive season is on and we all want quick fat loss results. 


Oh, and this is me. Absolutely loved the pilates day where you focus mainly on your core with the resistance band 🙂




If you too want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle and have a query, drop it in in the contact tab above and I’ll answer it in one of my QOTWs. Drop it in in the comments for a faster response🙂



Hello Himanshi!

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words 🙂 🙂

So about your medical issues, I would want to tell you that there are A LOT of exercises for your core for which you don’t have to do crunches or even lie down!

I would link some YouTube videos here (random YouTube workouts have been a big saviour for me during my no-gym days when I previously used to gym)

Other forms or cardio in the gym can be a cross-trainer and cycling. Even brisk walking on treadmill is great !

I’m sure you can find out many more!

About walking on an inclined slope, somebody told you and you stopped, but did you have big calf muscle? I was in a boarding school in the hills which required us to walk on slopes everyday. Sure, you get muscles, but good muscles. The muscles you are thinking about are probably huge manly muscles on your slim legs- no, I don’t think you get that! You get lean toned muscles 🙂