Fighting your Weight-loss Plateau

You know those few months when you are working just as hard (and sometimes harder) but you’re still not losing any weight/fat? That’s called a weight-loss plateau. I’ve had it for over 4 months! And its not impossible at all to get rid of it, you just need to follow some basic strategies.

  1. Change your workout– Join a fitness class or do some yoga, just change your workout for a while. I started doing the Insanity Max 30 workout and started losing fat immediately (as less as 2 weeks) and gained lean muscle.
  2. HIIT – Do HIIT (High intensity interval training) exercises a couple of times a week, or add them to your cardio schedule in the gym with rounds of sprinting and jogging.
  3. Sugar– Discontinue any food or drink with sugar , just for a month! Yes, that means tea and coffee as well. Worked wonders for my skin too. After that you can start having it in moderation, but for a while cut away from drinks and dessert.
  4. Alcohol– Alcohol accounts to so so so much empty calories, discontinuing alcohol means cutting down on a lot of calories and saving that belly.
  5. Supplements – I am not a pro with supplements, the only think I take is whey protein. My friends take Apple Cider Vinegar as it helps with burning fat.
  6. Hormones – As women, we have a lot of hormonal changes and imbalances. If nothing works out, get yourself checked so you know whats the cause of this!


Survey : Relationship between personality traits and athleticism in the UK and India

Hi guys! My friend from the University from Edinburgh needs helps for her dissertation.

Her research topic for the dissertation revolves around relations between personality traits and athleticism in the UK and India, comparing and contrasting them. Research on personality characteristics of athletes is a fairly unexplored sphere in most eastern countries like India, especially when compared to countries such as the UK where there is considerable literature on the subject. This will be a pioneering study in the field, seeking to undertake an overall comparison of personality characteristics of athletes in India and the U.K.

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to complete surveys about athleticism and personality. Students in the University of Edinburgh’s introductory Psychology course will receive course credit for participating; other participants will not receive any compensation. However, your participation will be a valuable addition to her research. Findings could lead to a greater understanding of cross-cultural differences in the personality characteristic of athletes, thus helping to further encouragement not just of overt athleticism but of exercise participation for fun, fitness, and overall health and well-being. You may find answering some of the questions interesting and the study can be completed from the comfort of your home. It will require approximately 20 minutes of your time.

If you are willing to participate, please proceed by clicking on the link below :

For more information, contact  : Radhika Butalia –

Dealing with Acne 3.0 : Tea Tree Oil

You know those breakouts which pop up randomly (SPECIALLY before an occasion!)? It gets SO annoying to keep getting your skin treated and use chemical based products because come on – the skin on your face is super sensitive and we want to take the utmost care of it.

I got introduced to Tea Tree Oil a couple of months ago.

A tiny history lesson on it :

Its a natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic! It helps in removing dead skin cells and prevent acne by penetrating sebaceous glands. Acne happens due to oily skin and it helps in keeping that balance. It’s used for many things like treating dandruff, yeast infections, toenail fungus, etc. In this post, we are only focussing on treating acne.


How I use it :

One drop on the zit. That’s it. Please do not use it all over your face. One drop on the zit every night works the best. It can make your skin really dry if you overdo it.

Results :

I’ve experienced results in a day as well as 4 days. What a life saver!

Why I suggest it :

Because I’m going to keep putting up whatever has worked for on me for acne and shower the secret knowledge about you. LOL. On a serious note, it sucks to have acne and if you can take some measures to avoid and moreover get rid of it then why not. Moreover, going natural is always the best way!

Brands I’ve used : I’ve used Nyassa before and am currently using Aroma. The Body Shop is good too but costs 3x the normal price. A 20ml bottle should last months or even years, because you’re just using it drop by drop!


Best of luck and let me know how it works for you! 🙂

Read my previous posts on acne since I won’t be repeating information which has been mentioned before.

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  2. Acne 2.0



Hi Niharika,
Kudos on the Achievement woman, so inspiring and yes from your posts I see people actually look up to you for help on choosing the healthy lifestyle track. 

I work in a hotel so you see I’m a budding chef, 20 years old and 75kgs and I weighed 82 kgs a year back. I lost a lot of weight back home, now that I am staying in a PG,  it seems difficult! We get meals in the hotel and doing a 12 hour shift(at times more), I don’t really have time to hit the gym and doing my part of weight Training just seems impossible.
I need a few tips so I can get along with the routine as well as loose weight. I don’t really have a target month or a time period on how I want quick results , didn’t really gain this much weight in a month or so.
Ideally my weight should be 58. Can you help me with some good snacking options and exercises I can do at home itself?
God bless.
Chef Anandi

Hi Anandi!

I know it will be hard but try to do at least some exercise minimum 5 times a week. Even if its only for 20 minutes! Or 10 minutes of jogging, it’s hard but not impossible! It’s good to keep moving despite the busy schedule.

Losing weight is primarily associated with your diet, even when you cannot exercise. Try to have 3 big meals and 4-5 small meals. Even when you do not feel hungry, eat every 2 hours so that you do not overeat when you actually feel hungry. This keeps your body energised at all times which will make you work better too. Small snacks can also be a handful of peanuts or a chickpea salad, anything healthy works.

Next, discontinue fried and junk. Simple.

Also, don’t stick to a specific weight. I’ve sometimes weighed much more when I do weightlifting because of muscles. 5 kgs ahead and behind your ‘ideal’ way totally works 🙂

Best of luck!

Winter Favorites

I thought I’m too late for this post but since temperature in the North (and other parts of the world) is dropping, I can finally post this.

Before that, I’m SO SORRY for not being regular. Even as I type this, I have an exam tomorrow and I’m writing to unwind myself and get over the studying saturation so I can start studying for tomorrow haha.

Below I’m listing some of my winter absolute favourite products to use. I’m a sucker for bath and body essentials and looooove collecting them, so why not do a post!

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-17 at 5.59.45 PM.jpeg1.Victoria’s Secret – Midnight Dare body splash

This is in fact the newest one in the lot. I bought it because its so so flowery and wintery and feminine and smells oolala.

2. Body Shop – Wild Cherry body Lotion

Ideally I use a body butter in winters (which I’ll mention below) but I tried used this lotion this winters and it smells really good and is very very hydrating.

3. Bath and Body Works- Lemon Lip Cream

Leaves your lips all lemon-y and moisturises them with it’s cream formula. What I do not like is that it doesn’t stay for too long 😦 Just go for Baby Lips instead of spending on this tbh.

4. Johnson Baby – Oil

LIFE SAVIOUR. The only thing I remove my make up with. I even use it post a bath sometimes when my body is too dry. Absolute post-waxing and shaving formula as well since it prevents itchiness and rash.

5. Victoria’s Secret- Midnight Exotic body lotion

I like using it when I’m heading out in the evening and sometimes when I want to skip wearing perfume because this makes you feel so dreamy and the fragrance is beautiful! Love the moisturising formula too.

6. Lacto Calamine

Won’t support a particular type of Lacto Calamine because I simple love all their varieties (even though there are only two lol). I have been using it for years to prevent acne (Click here to read my article on how I prevent acne). It’s the only moisturiser I use on my face at night because  have a combination skin and everything else makes it so oily.

7. Claire’s Patisserie Lotion

By the time you reach here, you must have already understood that I LOVE collecting lotions. I won’t hype it up, but you know this is the first chocolate milkshake lotion I’ve ever come across. Literally smells like you’ve jumped in a pull full of chocolate milkshake and is yummylicious!

8. Bath and Body Works- Watermelon Lemonade Hand Nourishing Cream

MUST BUY. I think this smells the BEST out of above listed products. I have a friend who tried to steal it because she loved it so much lol and it leaves your hands smelling the BESTESTEST. I am unsure if its available in India but if you are abroad, buy it ASAP and thank me 🙂 🙂

9. Victoria’s Secret PINK- Warm & Cozy glitter body splash

This is my winter’s body splash since a year now because it smells so so wintery and warm and moreover its with glitter, so perfect for a night. I have been using this fragrance since years and swear by it, I literally have all the products in their Warm & Cozy collection. (I’ll mention one below).

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-17 at 5.59.56 PM.jpeg

Lastly, this is my ULTIMATE winter body body butter (Victoria’s Secret PINK- Warm & Cozy Body Butter). It also has glitter in it and is so, so moisturising. Leaves you feeling absolutely great with its warm fragrance and buttery texture and glitter and it is oh-so-amazing!

This is it until my exams end! I will try to answer as many questions in my inbox to make up for the missed out QOTWs. Stay tunes lovelies!



10 tips to help you accomplish your New year’s resolution

Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you for all the love and support and I hope 2017 is your transformational year!

First weekend of 2017, are you following your New Year resolution of ‘lose weight this year’ or ‘be a fitter person this year’ yet? Are you still feeling too lazy to get out and start working out? Or are you confused about how to go about things?

I remember that losing weight used to be my New Year resolution almost every year. That’s all I really wanted (but was too lazy to work for) and a month or three months into the new year and it was all forgotten and never looked back into.

What I want to say here is- don’t be like me. And below, I’ll tell you how:

1. The time is NOW

Don’t wait for a week more and consider this as your ‘last break’ or a month later or three months later, start NOW. Don’t delay the process. A week has already gone by, there are 51 weeks to go. Imagine what a difference you can make  just in 4 weeks time if you start now.


2. How to start?

Lock up all the fried and unhealthy staple snacks (namkeen, biscuits, mathhi, etc) you have in your house and keep it only for the guests (because well, Indian households!). Out of sight, out of mind. Restock the empty shelves with healthy munchies!

3. What to eat?

No junk, no fried. For snacks/munchies, there are plenty available like greek yogurt, soya crisps which taste far better than chips and are very filling, roasted soy beans, dry fruits, sandwiches in brown bread, etc.


4. What not to eat/drink?

Completely discontinue fried. Have chocolate once in a while (If you’re a chocoholic like me). Give up on beverages, yes, even juice unless its fresh and preferably without sugar. (Click here to read about what beverages do to you). Discontinue alcohol as it is empty calories, but if you must have it then have it once in a while (Click here to read my article regarding alcohol and weight-loss).


5. How to get the motivation?

You know you want to get rid of that stubborn fat. You want to fit into that pretty dress. You want a summer body. Whatever your short term goals are, they’re good motivation for now. Later on , when you see even the smallest of results, your results itself will motivate you to do better.


6. “I can’t get out of bed”

Okay, forget that dream body you’ve been dying to get. Honestly, push yourself for like 3 weeks and then you’ll adjust to it. I’m sure just for 3 weeks you can push yourself, right? After all, you gotta work for what you want.


7. “I am a foodie, I cant leave my favourite food and punish myself with some diet.”

Well guess what, you don’t have to! Read some of my previous articles to know how :


8. How long do I follow a diet plan for?

Lifelong. Which is why, you don’t need a diet plan. You need a lifestyle change. Once you see its beautiful results on your body, you would want to stick to the healthy life! #ExperienceSpeaking

9. The ‘E’ word

You have to exercise. That doesn’t mean you have to join the gym. Apart from joining a gym, you can do a lot of fun classes (Crossfit, yoga, etc), play a sport, dance, exercise at home (Click here to read about my experience on home workouts), and so on. Just do what you enjoy!


10. Stay

You’ve already started. Please, do not give up. Believe in yourself, you started for a purpose and now you have to finish it. No one can do this for you but you. Do not give up on yourself. Yes, that brownie looks very very tempting, so how about you treat yourself after you lose 5 kilos?  After all, your entire process of losing weight should be a lot of fun and its important that you’re always happy.



Lastly, if I could do it so can you! Know that you can! Once your willpower is strong, nothing can stop you. Don’t aim to lose weight but aim to be a healthy individual and weightloss will come to you, along with some good skin and a happier you and numerous other benefits!


Tips to help you look thinner this winter!


Winters means wearing layers and layers of clothing which sometimes make us look fatter than we already are! So how do we avoid looking that plumpy and in fact appear thinner instead? My first fashion related post collaborated with my friend who is a designer and a stylist, Ishita Tarun Sadana (click here to reach out to her for beautiful customised outfits).

Stripes– Stripes can be very very tricky, but if you wear them right, it makes all the difference. If you have a broad upper body you must avoid horizontal stripes. In fact to lengthen your legs, vertical striped jeans or lowers can really help you. 


Stick with one hue– Wearing the same colour top and bottom really makes you look thinner and taller and immediately draws all the attention to your middle line than your upper and lower body.

Pointed heels– Skinny heels with pointed toes does wonders and extends your calf length immediately. A chunky bulky heel will always make your calves look fatter.

Show some skin up top– Being fat does not mean you need to dress conservatively, with such trendy off shoulder tops and V necks in fashion, just a little skin show on the top will make you look trendy. You would look more elegant and draw attention from your lower and middle body. 


Bell Bottoms– The trend is emerging and growing with time, a dark navy, black or wine coloured bell bottom will have a major slimming affect on the pelvis and abdomen and make the legs look longer and therefore slimmer. 


Fabric decision– Make sure you chose your fabrics wisely. Anything embellished crushed and sequin will add pounds to your body while leather, denim. corduroy and jersey will contour the curves. 


Accessorise– Long necklaces are your solution to having a bulky upper body. Long necklaces take away attention from the fat while giving a longer torso feel to your body. 

Hair– Experiment with those curls of yours. Be your own Beyonce. After all, bigger hair gives you an illusion of a smaller, narrower face. 

High Waist line– Wear accessories like belts, high waist pants and dresses with a high bodice to accentuate the was it line. 

Image source : Pinterest

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